Is the F-PACE a 7-seater and other frequently asked questions


The number of passengers that a vehicle can accommodate is an important consideration for many families. For larger groups, seven seats is necessary in order to travel between point A and point B. At Jaguar Waterloo, a question that we're asked often about the Jaguar F-PACE is whether or not it is a 7-seater and has a third row for additional seating. 


We'll answer this and other commonly asked questions about the luxury performance SUV below.


Is the F-PACE a 7-seater?

No, the Jaguar F-PACE is not a 7-seater. It's unclear how this rumour started--maybe it's the stately silhouette that looks like it could accommodate a third row, or perhaps it's just wishful thinking. Despite this being one of the most frequently asked questions about the vehicle, the F-PACE comfortably seats five passengers, not seven.


How many models does the F-PACE come in?

The F-PACE is available in three different models including the F-PACE base model, the R-Dynamic and the SVR. Each one offers its own version of smooth handling, comfort and luxury, like the SRV, which comes with a supercharged V8 engine for ultimate performance.


How much can the F-PACE tow?

The Jaguar F-PACE can tow up to 5,291 pounds. This is enough weight in order to tow a small camper trailer or boat, though it's important to always double check weight values of your gear before hauling it. 


What kind of driver assistance technology is built into the F-PACE?

The F-PACE has been outfitted with some of the most advanced driver assistance technology on the market. Some of the favourite features include the rear camera, lane keep assist, traffic sign recognition with adaptive speed limiter, and of course adaptive cruise control.


Is the Jaguar F-PACE all-wheel drive?

Yes. The 2023 Jaguar F-PACE has an eight-speed automatic transmission with all-wheel drive.


Does the Jaguar F-PACE have a sunroof? 

All models of the F-Type come with the option to include a panoramic sunroof.


Are there interior performance upgrades for the Jaguar F-PACE? 

Yes, the interior options for the F-PACE are aplenty, though even the base offers a plush driving experience. The F-PACE SVR comes with premium Performance seats available in two types of materials, including a supple Windsor leather, a sleek suede cloth and also a Semi-Aniline leather. You'll also notice finer details in the craftsmanship of the interior finishings, including a perforated pattern on the leather or suede as well as SVR branding.


Is the Jaguar F-PACE a reliable car?

The Jaguar F-PACE is a very reliable vehicle. As with the entire Jaguar family, the F-PACE has been outfitted with a plethora of safety features like anti-lock brakes, front-impact airbags, overhead airbags and stability control. Further, it ranks high on various safety ratings globally. Euro NCAP, the Belgian-based auto safety rating program for Europe, most recently awarded the F-PACE with five out of five stars for safety and 93%  for occupant protection.
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