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Here's the Perfect Jaguar Garage



Let's say that you have an unlimited amount of money, but there are two conditions. First, every car you can possess must be from Jaguar, and you must limit yourself to 5 vehicles. I mean, you could buy more, but it wouldn't be as fun and challenging as it is with this second condition. So, I've decided to take the test myself. Let me tell you; I wasn't expecting it to be so difficult. 


Before telling you my choices, I will start by breaking down my method. The first car I picked is what would be the perfect daily driver. After that, I chose something classy and nice for restaurant or movie nights. Obviously, my third pic had to be something fun for the weekends and treat me. The fourth vehicle is something I would take in car shows and special events, but it is still drivable so that I can enjoy my time with it. Finally, I went with a vehicle more like art and investment than an automobile for my last pic. So, without any more wait, here are the vehicle I selected for my dream Jaguar garage.


1 – Jaguar F-Pace 2023


The F-Pace is the perfect daily driver. It is an SUV, so it's big and safe. The British SUV also comes with all-wheel drive as standard, which is practical since we live in Canada and roads are covered in snow or ice for at least four months yearly. Well, maybe it's not as bad as I am describing it, but still, it feels safe to be behind the wheel of an extensive and robust SUV.


2 – Jaguar XJ 2010-2019


The Jaguar XJ from the last generation is one of the most comfortable cars I've driven in my life, so it had to be my second choice for my dream garage. This is the perfect car to move around without any destination on a Saturday night. It is big and obnoxious, which are two qualities in this case.


3 – Jaguar F-Type 2023


When I think of a fun car to drive, the Jaguar F-Type is the first vehicle that comes to my mind. It is also considered one of the most beautiful cars of the modern era. Now there is another big decision to make here: whether or not I get the convertible. Since it is my third vehicle and it's meant to enjoy weekends, I think I would go with the top down. However, if the Jaguar F-Type were my only car, the Coupe would win by a far margin.


4 – Jaguar E-type 1970


These are surprisingly affordable, considering their history and the fact they are a lot of fun to drive. You can get a fair-condition car for less than $100,000. However, you must pay over $250,000 for one of those top-tier condition cars.


5 – Jaguar D-type 1955


This would be on display in my garage, and it would never get out. There aren't too many D-Type still out there and those who cross the auction stage go for 15 to 20 million all day. I am a car guy, so, of course, I would drive the thing once in a while, but only when the condition is perfect and only for special occasions.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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